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peer_register_multitask(+Peer, -MsgQ)

Registers the peer Peer for peer multitasking.
Existing peer name (atom)
From ECLiPSe Multitasking message queue (variable)


This predicate is intended for use only in implementing peer multitasking for an external language interface.

Registers the existing peer Peer as a multitask peer. A peer queue MsgQ for Peer is created to control the multitasking. Only peers which are registered as a multitasking peer participate in the multitasking phase.

Modes and Determinism

Fail Conditions

Peer is already registered for multitasking.


(6) out of range
Peer is not an existing peer name

See Also

peer_do_multitask / 1, peer_multitask_terminate / 0, peer_multitask_confirm / 0, peer_deregister_multitask / 1