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Directives and built-ins related to the module system   [more]


Create a module at runtime
create_module(+Module, ++Exports, ++Imports)
Create a module at runtime, with given exports and imports.
Succeeds if Module is an existing module.
Erase the given module Module.
export ++SpecList
Exports from the caller module all items specified by SpecList.
get_module_info(+Module, ?What, -Info)
Retrieves information about a loaded module.
import +Module, import +PredSpecs from +Module
Import a module, or import certain procedures from a module.
local +SpecList
Declare all items specified by SpecList as local to the caller module.
Locks access to internals of the current module
Locks access to internals of the current module
Begin of the definition of module Module.
module(+Module, ++Exports, ++Language)
Begin the definition of module Module, define some of its exports and the language it is written in.
reexport +Module, reexport +SpecList from +Module, reexport +Module except +SpecList
Reexports a module's interface or a subset of it.
tool(++PredSpecI, ++PredSpecB)
Declares PredSpecI as a tool interface procedure and PredSpecB as its body procedure.
tool_body(++PredSpecI, -PredSpecB, -Module)
Succeeds if PredSpecI is a tool interface procedure, PredSpecB is its body procedure, and Module the module where it is defined.
unlock(+Module, +Password)
Unlocks the access to the module Module, if the password given in Password is correct
Load and import the module from the given ModuleFile.


See also the User Manual chapter about the module system.
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