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get_module_info(+Module, ?What, -Info)

Retrieves information about a loaded module.
An atom.
A variable.


This utility can retrieve information about any module that is currently loaded into the system. The information that can be requested is:
raw_interface (list of export/1 and reexport/1)
this returns a list of all the export and reexport directives that occurred in the definition of the module and thus comprise the module's interface.
interface (list of export/1)
Like raw_interface, but all reexports are replaced by the actual exports which result from them.
imports (list of modules)
a list of the modules that have been imported as a whole.
locked (on/off)
indicates whether the module is locked or unlocked.

Modes and Determinism


(4) instantiation fault
Module is not instantiated.
(5) type error
Module is not an atom.
(80) not a module
Module is not a loaded module.


[eclipse 1]: get_module_info(lists, X,Y).

X = raw_interface
Y = [export maplist / 3, export checklist / 2, ...]

X = interface
Y = [export reverse / 2, export subtract / 3, ...]

X = imports
Y = [eclipse_language]     More? (;) 

X = locked
Y = off

See Also

import / 1, export / 1, reexport / 1, document : icompile / 1, document : icompile / 2, lock / 0, lock_pass / 1, unlock / 2