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portray_goal(+Term, -TransTerm)

Apply the goal portray (write macro) transformation to Term
A callable term.
A variable or callable term.

This built-in predicate is obsolete!


Applies the goal-portray-transformation to Term, if any is visible in the caller module. If no transformation is visible, TransTerm is identical to Term.

This predicate is intended mainly for testing purposes, because portray-transformations are normally performed implicitly by the term output predicates write/1,2, writeln/1,2, print/1,2, display/1,2, printf/2,3 or write_term/2,3.

This predicate can defined in terms of portray_term/3 as

	portray_goal(Term, TransTerm) :-
	    portray_term(Term, TransTerm, goal).
and is therefore deprecated.

Modes and Determinism


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).


    [eclipse 1]: lib(fd).

    [eclipse 4]: X#>Y, delayed_goals([G]), portray_goal(G, PG)@fd.
    X = X{[-9999999..10000000]}
    Y = Y{[-10000000..9999999]}
    G = gec(X{[-9999999..10000000]}, -1, Y{[-10000000..9999999]}, -1)
    PG = X{[-9999999..10000000]} - Y{[-10000000..9999999]}#>=1

    Delayed goals:
	    X{[-9999999..10000000]} - Y{[-10000000..9999999]}#>=1

See Also

portray_term / 3, expand_goal / 2, portray / 3