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string_code(?Index, +String, ?Code)

Succeeds if Code is the value of the Index'th character code in String
Variable or integer between 1 and the length of String
Variable or non-negative integer


This predicate maps the index position Index to the corresponding character code in the given string String. Character codes in the string are numbered from 1 (analogous to array indices in subscript/3 and arg/3). Index positions of zero or greater than the string length lead to failure.

The predicate may be used to extract the Index'th character, to find the position(s) of a particular character code, or to enumerate all positions and character codes in the string.

For simply extracting the Index'th character code from a string, the deterministic variant get_string_code/3 might be preferred for efficiency and stricter error checking.

For backward compatibility with earlier versions of ECLiPSe, the call pattern string_code(+String,+Index,-Code) is also allowed.

Modes and Determinism

Fail Conditions

Fails if character Code does not occur in String


(4) instantiation fault
String is uninstantated
(5) type error
String is instantiated, but not a string
(24) number expected
Index is instantiated, but not an integer
(5) type error
Code is instantiated, but not an integer
(6) out of range
Index or Code is a negative integer


   string_code(1, "abc", 0'a).        % succeeds
   string_code(1, "abc", 97).         % succeeds
   string_code(3, "abc", C).          % gives C = 0'c
   string_code(I, "abc", 0'c).        % gives I = 3
   string_code(I, "abcb", 0'b).       % gives I = 2 ; I = 4 on backtracking
   string_code(I, "ab", C).           % gives I=1,C=0'a ; I=2,C=0'b on backtracking

   string_code(2, "abc", 100).        % fails
   string_code(I, "abc", 0'd).        % fails
   string_code(0, "abc", C).          % fails
   string_code(4, "abc", C).          % fails
   string_code(I, "", C).             % fails

   string_code(1, S, 0'c).            % Error 4
   string_code(1, abc, C).            % Error 5
   string_code(1.5, "abc", C).        % Error 5
   string_code(I, "abc", b).          % Error 5
   string_code(-1, "abc", C).         % Error 6
   string_code(I, "abc", -1).         % Error 6

See Also

get_string_code / 3, string_codes / 2, string_list / 2, char_code / 2