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string_codes(?String, ?Codes)

Codes is a list whose elements are the character codes of the characters in the string
String or variable.
Codes of integer character codes and/or variables, or simply a variable.


This predicate performs the mapping between a string and the corresponding list of character codes.

If String is instantiated, unifies Codes with the list whose elements are the character codes for the character in the string.

If Codes is instantiated, unifies String with the string composed from the character codes given by the list elements.

Modes and Determinism


(5) type error
String is not a string.
(5) type error
Codes is not a proper list.
(5) type error
Codes contains non-integer elements.
(6) out of range
Condes contains integers that are not valid character codes.
(4) instantiation fault
Both String and Codes are nonground (non-coroutine mode only).


   string_codes(S,[65,98,99]).          (gives S="Abc").
   string_codes("abc",L).               (gives L=[97,98,99]).
   string_codes("abc",[97,A,99]).       (gives A=98).
   string_codes(S,[127]).               (gives S="\177").
   string_codes("abc",[97|A]).          (gives A=[98,99]).
   string_codes(S,[A|[128]]).           (Error 4).
   string_codes(S,[1|A]).               (Error 4).
   string_codes('string',L).            (Error 5).
   string_codes(S,"list").              (Error 5).
   string_codes('string',[128]).        (Error 5).
   string_codes(S,["B"]).               (Error 5).
   string_codes(S,[256]).               (Error 6).

See Also

string_code / 3, string_chars / 2, string_list / 3, char_code / 2