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max_weight(?Svar, ?Var)

Svar is a weighted set domain variable whose maximal possible weight attached to an element is Var.
A weighted set domain variable or a weighted set.
Term unifying with a term of the form e(_,_).


If Svar is a weighted set domain variable, it returns the element of its domain which belongs to the set resulting from the difference of the upper bound and the lower bound and which has the greatest weight. If Svar is a ground set, it just returns the element with the geratest weight.

Fail Conditions

Fails if Svar is not a weighted set term, or if Var can not be unified with the extracted element.




[eclipse 4]: S `:: {e(a,10), e(b,15)} ..{e(a,10), e(b,15),
 e(c,20)},  max_weight(S,W).

S = S{{e(a, 10), e(b, 15)} .. {e(a, 10), e(b, 15), e(c, 20)}}
W = e(c, 20)

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