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set_range(?Svar, ?Glb, ?Lub)

Svar is a set domain variable and Glb and Lub are the respective lower bound and upper bound of its domain.
A set domain variable.
A free variable or a ground set.
A free variable or a ground set.


This predicate computes the lower bound Glb and the upper bound Lub of the domain attached to the set variable Svar. If Glb and/or Lub are ground, they should be equal to the respective bounds of the domain, otherwise it fails.

Fail Conditions

Fails if Svar is not a set domain variable or if one of the terms glb, Lub, can not be unified with the respective bounds of the domain of Svar.




(4) instantiation fault
Var is not a domain variable.


[eclipse 7]: S `:: {} .. {1,2,3}, set_range(S, Glb, Lub).

S = S{{} .. {1, 2, 3}}
Glb = {}
Lub = {1, 2, 3}

See Also

`:: / 2, glb / 2, lub / 2