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ccompile(+File, +OptionList)

Compile a file, inserting code coverage counters
Atom or string
List of Name:Value pairs


This is a variant of the ECLiPSe compiler that inserts code coverage counters into the compiled code. This code can then be run, and the results analysed by printing them using coverage:result/1.

Options to modify the behaviour of the code coverage library are:

exit_counters (default:on)
Setting this to 'off' will suppress coverage counters at the end of conjunctions (comma-sequences of subgoals).
blocks_only (default:off)
Setting this to 'on' will leave only coverage counters at the beginning and at the end of conjunctions (comma-sequences of subgoals) and suppress all others.
macro_expansion (default:off)
This options affects only the printing of the result (html) file. By default, read-macros are not expanded in this output. In rare cases, where macro expansion would affect the placement of coverage counter positions, it may be necessary to set this option to 'on' in order to display the counter values at the correct positions in the code.
goal_expansion (default:on)
Setting this to 'off' will suppress goal expansion (inlining) during compilation. This may be necessary when the processed code contains predicates that get executed at compile time.
verbose (default:off)
If set to 'on', the coverage preprocessor will print predicate names as they are processed (to log_output).


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

See Also

ccompile / 1, library(coverage), result / 1, result / 2