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Read a problem from a file into eplex instance EplexInstance.
lp or mps
File name


Read a problem from a file and setup a solver for it in EplexInstance. A solver should not already be setup for EplexInstance. Format is lp or mps. Note that minimisation of the objective is assumed for mps format, as the sense of the objective is not included in the mps format. Minimisation is also assumed for external solvers that ignore the optimisation direction of the lp file (e.g. Xpress). Note also that although quadratic problems can be read in correctly if supported by the external solver, the quadratic objective coefficients are not extracted from the problem by eplex. These coefficients are used to set/reset the objective when a problem is probed with a different objective in eplex_probe/2 or lp_probe/3, so the objective will not be changed or restored correctly in this case.


(5) type error
EplexInstance already has a solver setup for it.

See Also

eplex_write / 2, lp_write / 3, lp_setup / 4, eplex_probe / 2