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Write the problem in the solver for eplex instance EplexInstance to a file.
lp or mps
File name


Write the problem in the solver for EplexInstance to a file. The set of supported formats depends on the actual external solver which is used. All solvers support the mps format. Some solvers on some operating system platforms may change or append a suffix to the filename. Note that the mps format does not specify the sense (min or max) of the objective function. Minimisation is also assumed for external solvers that ignore the optimisation direction of the lp file (e.g. Xpress). Note also that any active cutpool constraints in the problem will be included in the dump, even though they could be left out of the problem that the external solver actually solves.


(5) type error
EplexInstance does not a solver setup for it.
(40) stale object handle
Solver state had been previously destroyed.

See Also

eplex_read / 2, lp_write / 3, lp_setup / 4