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lp_var_get(+Handle, +Var, ++What, -Value)

Obtain information for an individual solver problem variable Var.
Handle to a solver state
A solver problem variable for Handle
Specification for information wanted (atom)
Returned value of What


Retrieve information about the (logically) most recent solver state and results related to a particular variable, for the solver state represented by Handle. Fails if no solution has been computed yet. What can take the same values as those in eplex_var_get/3.


(4) instantiation fault
Handle is not instantiated.
(5) type error
Handle is not a compound term.
(6) out of range
What is not a valid value.
(6) out of range
Var is not a problem variable for Handle.
(6) out of range
What is unavailable; the information was not requested at solver setup.
(40) stale object handle
Handle not valid: solver state had been destroyed by cleanup

See Also

eplex_var_get / 3