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instrument_control(+Mode, +InstrumentPredSpec)

Insert or remove instrumentation predicates dynamically at runtime.


If the asserted option of an itemplate is set to one of on, off or post_compile then the template's instrumentation predicates may be inserted and removed dynamically at runtime.

When Mode is on the instrumentation predicate represented is PredSpec is inserted into the code at the positions specified during instrumentation. This is done efficiently with negligible runtime overhead. When Mode is off the instrumentation predicate is removed from the instrumented code.

If PredSpec is module qualified, the instrumentation predicate defined in the context of the module is inserted / removed. If unqualified the predicate is assumed to be defined in the context of the calling module scope.

The predicate is a tool and an unqualified instrumentation predicate defined in a module other than the current calling module context can be inserted / removed by invoking instrument_control(Mode, InstrumentPredSpec)@Module.


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

Fail Conditions

InstrumentPredSpec is not a predicate specification.




(68) calling an undefined procedure
PredSpec is an undefined procedure.

See Also

instrument / 2, instrument / 3, library(instrument), struct(itemplate)