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instrument(+File, +ITemplates, +OptionList)

Compile a file, inserting predicate instrumentation
Atom or string
itemplate, List of itemplate or PredSpec
List of Name:Value pairs


This is a variant of the ECLiPSe compiler that inserts user specified instrumentation predicates into the compiled code. This code can then be run, and the results analysed by printing them using instrument:module_result/0 or instrument:file_result/1.

ITemplates can be specified as:

PredSpec of arity two
If an arity two predicate specification is supplied, then this predicate is invoked in order to retrieve the template for the predicate being instrumented. Argument one is the predicate specification of the predicate undergoing instrumentation. Argument two is an output variable th at is to be returned by this predicate as the template to use. The returned itemplate will be validated before instrumentation proceeds.
A single template passed to instrument/2 or instrument/3 is adopted as the global template to be used for predicate instrumentation. If a template for the predicate currently being instrumented is not found in the template stores then if a global template exists, it is used.
PredSpec = itemplate
A template specification for instrumentation of a single predicate. If however, PredSpec is not actually a valid predicate specification but the atom iglobal, the template is adopted as the global template (see above).
List of itemplate
The list is of the form:
[itemplate{...} | PredSpec = itemplate{...} ... 
   PredSpec = itemplate{...}]
The itemplate at the head of the list is specifies the global template and is optional. The remaining elements of the list are itemplate specifying instrumentation for the PredSpec with which they are associated.

In addition to supplying the global template, an exclude list of PredSpec for predicates that should not be instrumented by the global template can be specified:

itemplate{...} - predicate/1, 

OptionList may contain the following options:

Specifying this option results in the removal of instrumentation templates in file local and/or global template stores. The 'Value' portion of the option can be specified as an atom representing a specific module, the atom all or the atom every_module.
instrument_recursive (default:off)
Specifying this option as on indicates that instrumentation should be applied within recursive predicates. With it off the net effect is that instrumentation is placed around the recursive call-graph (unless no applicable template exists). This prevents incorrect aggregation of accounting by instrumentation predicates.
file_local_templates (default:off)
Specifying this option as on indicates that all templates in ITemplates should be stored locally to the file - they are not available for use in instrumenting other files (in other modules). The file_local option of the itemplate in ITemplates are overridden by this option.
ignore_module_templates (default:off)
Specifying this option as on results in the use of file local templates only during instrumentation. Templates are not sought from the global store.
verbose (default:off)
If set to on, the instrument preprocessor will print predicate names as they are processed (to log_output). If set to debug, the instrument preprocessor prints each instrumented and/or woven predicate definition (to log_output).


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).


(4) instantiation fault
ITemplates is not instantiated.
(5) type error
ITemplates is not of the appropriate type.

See Also

erase_all_templates / 0, file_result / 1, file_result / 2, file_callsites / 3, get_callsite_data / 2, instrument / 3, instrument_control / 2, library(instrument), module_callsites / 2, module_result / 0, module_result / 1, set_callsite_data / 2, defined_modules / 2