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Pretty-print all files in a module, including any instrumentation results


This will pretty-print all source files in the calling module context, annotated with the result of instrumentation. The resulting .html files are placed in a sub-directory called instrument', relative to the files that were compiled into the file.

See module_result/1 for options to modify the output.

The use of this predicate is only meaningful if the module has previously been instrumented and compiled using instrument:instrument/1,2, and the code has been run in order to obtain instrumentation results.

See struct(itemplate) for documentation of how the result instrumentation is used in the annotation and pretty-printing of the code.

The predicate is a tool and the instrumentation results of a module other than the current calling module context can be obtained by invoking module_result@Module.


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

See Also

instrument / 2, instrument / 3, file_result / 1, file_result / 2, library(instrument), library(pretty_printer), module_result / 1, struct(itemplate), defined_modules / 2