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Repair library: support for local search via tentative assignments and repair constraints   [more]


No description available
Obsolete: use conflict_constraints/2 instead.
conflict_constraints(+ConflictSet, -Constraints)
Retreive the set of conflicting constraints monitored in ConflictSet.
Returns the list of variables which are currently non-tenable.
get_changeable_value(?, ?)
No description available
No description available
poss_conflict_vars(+ConflictSet, -Vars)
Returns the set of variables within the conflict constraints in ConflictSet.
Obsolete: use r_conflict/2 and r_conflict_prop/2 instead.
+Constraint r_conflict ?ConflictSet
Annotate Constraint as a repair constraint and monitor it for conflicts.
+Constraint r_conflict_prop ?ConflictSet
Annotate Constraint as a repair constraint and monitor it for conflicts. It is propagated when it goes into conflict.
Obsolete: use r_conflict/2 and r_conflict_prop/2 instead.
Obsolete: use r_conflict/2 and r_conflict_prop/2 instead.
No description available
suspend_on_change(?, ?)
No description available
Check if Var is tenable.
tent_call(+In, +Out, +Goal)
Eagerly call Goal whenever tentative values of variables in In changes.
tent_call(?, ?, ?, ?)
No description available
?Vars tent_get ?Values
Query the tentative values of variables in Vars.
-Result tent_is +Expression
Eagerly evaulate Expression using tentative assignments.
tent_is(?, ?, ?)
No description available
?Vars tent_set ++Values
Assigns tentative values for the variables in a term.
tentative_ground(?, ?)
No description available
tr_monitors(?, ?)
No description available


struct repair(tent, mon, ga_chg)
No description available

Other Exports

export op(900, xf, r)
export op(900, xf, r_no_prop)
export op(900, xf, r_prop)
export op(900, xfx, r_conflict)
export op(900, xfx, r_conflict_prop)
export op(700, xfx, [tent_set, tent_get, tent_is])
export portray(monitor_tenable / 3, tr_monitors / 2, [goal])
export portray(monitor_conflict / 5, tr_monitors / 2, [goal])


The repair library provides a framework for the integration of repair-based search with the constraint consistency checking techniques of ECLiPSe. It allows the implementation of classical local search methods within a CLP environment. It provides two facilities:

Normally, the repair library communicates with another solver (such as fd or ria) to check for constraint violations.

Tentative values can be visualised using the ECLiPSe visualisations tools. To do so, set up a viewable using viewable:viewable_create/3,4 and specify changeable(repair,Type) as its element type.


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