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?Vars tent_set ++Values

Assigns tentative values for the variables in a term.
Term with variables (non-ground term)
Tentative values for variables in Vars (ground term)


Associate tentative values with variables. Vars can be any non-ground term, and Values the corresponding ground term. The tentative values of the variables are set to the ground values in Values. Typically Var is a variable or a list of variables.

A tentative value is generally used to record preferred or previous assigments to this variable. It does not actually bind the variable to the value. It can be changed through later calls to tent_set. Together with other tentative values and actual values for the problem variables in a program, they can form a tentative assignment which may be a partial or inconsistent solution to the problem. Variables with inconsistent tentative values are known as non-tenable.

Fail Conditions

Vars is non-unifiable with Values




% lib(fd) is loaded

[eclipse 3]: X::1..5, X tent_set 3.
X = X{fd:[1..5], repair:3} % X is tenable 

[eclipse 3]: X::1..5, X tent_set 7.
X = X{fd:[1..5], repair:7} % X is non-tenable 

See Also

tent_get / 2, tenable / 1