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Library for expressing the symmetries of a CSP   [more]


construct_group(+Array, ++VarDimNames, ++ValueSpec, ++SymSpecs, ++GroupName, -MaxPoints, -ToPointPred, -FromPointPred)
Constructs a GAP group based on the provided symmetry specification.
generic_from_point(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
No description available
generic_to_point(?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
No description available
value_spec_to_range(?, ?, ?)
No description available


This library provides a convenient way to express the symmetries of a CSP, as described in:

Warwick Harvey, Tom Kelsey and Karen Petrie. "Symmetry Group Expression for CSPs." In Barbara Smith et al., editors, Proceedings of SymCon'03: Third International Workshop on Symmetry in Constraint Satisfaction Problems, a workshop of CP 2003, pages 86-96. September, 2003.

This is particularly useful for GAP-based symmetry-breaking libraries, as it will construct an appropriate group in GAP and provide predicates for mapping between CSP assignments and the points acted on by the GAP group.

Please note that this library currently does not work on Windows machines due to its dependence on the GAP interface library.


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