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Built-In Predicates

All Solutions
Built-ins to collect all solutions to nondeterministic goals
Built-ins for arithmetic computations
Predicate Database and Compiler
Built-ins for creation of handling of executable code
Built-ins and language constructs to control execution
Built-ins and command related to debugging
Directives that can only appear in compiled files
Dynamic Predicates
Built-ins to create and manipulate dynamic procedures
Engines and Threads
Built-ins for controlling independent engines and threads
Development Environment and Global Settings
Built-ins related to the development environment
Event Handling
Built-ins to handle events and interrupts
External Interface
Built-ins to access functions and data from foreign languages
Character I/O
Built-ins to input and output characters or byte strings
Stream I/O
Built-ins to open, manipulate and close I/O streams
Term I/O
Built-ins for input/output of complex terms
Directives and built-ins related to the module system
Obsolete built-ins which should not be used in new code
Operating System
Built-ins to access operating-system services
Recorded Database
The record-family of built-ins to store data across failures
Non-logical Variables, Arrays, Bags, Shelves and Stores
Built-ins to store data across backtracking
Strings and Atoms
Built-ins to create, convert and decompose strings and atoms
Advanced Control and Suspensions
Everything related to suspensions, priority- and data-driven control
Syntax Settings
Operators, structures, macros, character classes
Comparing and Sorting
Built-ins for symbolic term comparison and sorting
Term Manipulation
Built-ins to convert, compose, decompose and modify terms
Type Testing
Meta-logical built-ins to test the type of terms

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