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string_char(?Index, +String, ?Char)

Succeeds if Char is the value of the Index'th character in String
Variable or integer between 1 and the length of String
Variable or single-character atom


This predicate maps the index position Index to the corresponding character in the given string String. Characters in the string are numbered from 1 (analogous to array indices in subscript/3 and arg/3). Index positions of zero or greater than the string length lead to failure.

The predicate may be used to extract the Index'th character, to find the position(s) of a particular character, or to enumerate all positions and characters in the string.

Modes and Determinism

Fail Conditions

Fails if character Char does not occur in String


(4) instantiation fault
String is uninstantated
(5) type error
String is instantiated, but not a string
(24) number expected
Index is instantiated, but not an integer
(5) type error
Char is instantiated, but not an atom
(6) out of range
Index is a negative integer
(6) out of range
Char is a non-characte atom


   string_char(1, "abc", a).          % succeeds
   string_char(3, "abc", C).          % gives C = c
   string_char(I, "abc", c).          % gives I = 3
   string_char(I, "abcb", b).         % gives I = 2 ; I = 4 on backtracking
   string_char(I, "ab", C).           % gives I=1,C=a ; I=2,C=b on backtracking

   string_char(2, "abc", d).          % fails
   string_char(I, "abc", d).          % fails
   string_char(0, "abc", C).          % fails
   string_char(4, "abc", C).          % fails
   string_char(I, "", C).             % fails

   string_char(1, S, c).              % Error 4
   string_char(1, abc, C).            % Error 5
   string_char(1.5, "abc", C).        % Error 5
   string_char(I, "abc", 0'b).        % Error 5
   string_char(-1, "abc", C).         % Error 6
   string_char(I, "abc", bb).         % Error 6

See Also

string_code / 3, string_chars / 2, string_list / 2, char_code / 2