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string_chars(?String, ?Chars)

Chars is a list whose elements are the single-character atoms of the characters in the string
String or variable.
Chars of integer character codes and/or variables, or simply a variable.


This predicate performs the mapping between a string and the corresponding list of single-character atoms.

If String is instantiated, unifies Chars with the list whose elements are the single-character atoms for the character in the string.

If Chars is instantiated, unifies String with the string composed from the single-character atoms given by the list elements.

Modes and Determinism


(5) type error
String is not a string.
(5) type error
Chars is not a proper list.
(5) type error
Chars contains non-atom elements.
(6) out of range
Condes contains atoms that do not represent characters.
(4) instantiation fault
Both String and Chars are nonground (non-coroutine mode only).


   string_chars(S,['A',b,c]).           (gives S="Abc").
   string_chars("abc",L).               (gives L=[a,b,c]).
   string_chars("abc",[a,A,c]).         (gives A=b).
   string_chars(S,['']).                (gives S="\177").
   string_chars("abc",[a|A]).           (gives A=[b,c]).
   string_chars(S,[A|[128]]).           (Error 4).
   string_chars(S,[1|A]).               (Error 4).
   string_chars('string',L).            (Error 5).
   string_chars(S,"list").              (Error 5).
   string_chars('string',[128]).        (Error 5).
   string_chars(S,["B"]).               (Error 5).
   string_chars(S,[256]).               (Error 6).

See Also

string_code / 3, string_codes / 2, string_list / 3, char_code / 2