Downloading ECLiPSe

ECLiPSe Versions

ECLiPSe versions are generally labelled with major and minor release number, and a build number, e.g. 5.10_55.

Latest Builds (Binaries or Sources)

It is recommended to get the latest build of the current release from either of the following mirror sites:

These sites contain binaries for those architectures that we build regularly, and the corresponding sources. If you want to contribute a mirror site, please contact us!

Get ECLiPSe CLP at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads Access to Source Repository

The ECLiPSe git (and former CVS) source repository is being held at

To clone the source repository (read only):
    git clone git:// eclipse-clp-git
For detailed instructions for setting up CVS access and building ECLiPSe from the sources, see the Build- and Test Guide. You can also just browse the source.

Contributed Software

Look here for community and third-party contributed libraries, interfaces and tools.